Manufacturer of wooden deckchairs - DECKCHAIR - deckchairs on request

Our company focuses on the innovative production and distribution of wooden advertising deckchairs with a logo. Our products are recognized on European markets. We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet stringent standards, all for customer satisfaction.

 We offer 3 types of deckchairs - which can be dressed in any fabric - it can be a color + logo or a complete graphic 100% print.

SYSTEM FOR SELF-ASSEMBLY OF FABRIC on deckchairs made of wood


Wooden deckchair from for easy, independent unfolding. It is made of beech wood with the highest quality parameters. An ideal product for demanding customers from the traditional and modern market. Easy to transport and store, which significantly reduces redistribution costs. We also offer a wooden deckchair as a product for advertising agencies - an advertising deckchair, deckchair with a logo. Each customer can order a dedicated advertising deckchair from us - at least 5 pieces. We prepare a graphic design and make a digital print - or you can design the deckchair yourself through our website.

Wooden deck chairs available on request

Deck chairs made of wood on request, which means that we produce deckchairs according to Customer's design - you can choose one of our types of deckchairs on request, and then you can order any fabric in any color, graphics or print. The order of custom-made wood loungers starts from 5 pieces.



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